CT Wilson Construction Companies

PO Drawer 2011

NC, Durham 27702

(919) 383-2535


SIC Code: 15210000

Company Type: Contractor

Alex Herndon  (919)   @.com 
Andrew Phillips  (919)   @.com 
Ben Lawrence  (919)   @.com 
Bethany Hartman  (919)    @.com 
Brian Fernandez  (919)    @.com 
Charles T Wilson  (919)    @.com 
Chuck Wilson  (919)    @.com 
Craig Herndon  (919)   @.com 
Daniel Granzyk  (919)    @.com 
Eli Michaels  (919)    @.com 
Emily Herndon  (919)   @.com 
Jake Hoggard  (919)   @.com 
Justin Ramsey  (919)    @.com 
Kevin Hartzog  (919)   @.com 
Kyle Ramsey  (919)   @.com 
Michael Thompson  (919)   @.com 
Paul Rigsbee  (919)   @.com 
Pond Rigsbee  (919)    @.com 
Ryan Watson  (919)    @.com 
Tim Carter  (919)   @.com 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
City of Raleigh Construction Management Division RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.gov
Alamance Community College GrahamNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.edu/
Accent Imaging RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org/
North Carolina Central University, Capital Projects Management DurhamNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.edu
Danville Public Schools DanvilleVAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel HillNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.edu/
City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.gov/
Alamance Burlington School System Administrative Offices BurlingtonNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.us/
City of Greensboro Engineering GreensboroNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.gov
North Carolina Department of Administration RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.gov/contact/division
North Carolina Department of Transportation Purchasing Division RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org
North Carolina State Construction Office RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.aspx
North Carolina State University Capital Project Management RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.edu/category/ads/
Town of Cary CaryNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org
North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources Purchasing Department RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.gov/
ARC Document Solutions MorrisvilleNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/nc/morrisville
Wake County Purchasing Department RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com
North Carolina Zoo AsheboroNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services - Division of Property and Construction RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
North Carolina State University - Administrative Services III RaleighNCAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
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