Alan Mayle  (412) 
Andrea Smith X3  (412) 
Bill Kayer  (412) 
Bill Roger  (412) 
Chris Hockenbroch  (412) 
Chris Hockenbrock  (412) 
Dave Knanton  (412) 
Dave Knapton  (412) 
Francis Verbitskey  (412) 
James Clark  (412) 
James Donahoe  (412) 
James Donahoe  (412) 
James Kamenar  (412) 
Jantz Donahoe  (412) 
Jim Donahae  (412) 
Jim Donahoe  (412) 
Ken Bates  (412) 
Kevin McNulty, President  (412) 
Kevin Mcnulty  (412) 
Kevin McNulty  (412) 
Michelle McNulty  (412) 
Rachel Gibas  (412) 
Shawn Timblin  (412) 
Steve Allison  (412) 
Zack Andrews  (412) 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
Ohio County Board of Education WheelingWVAgencyKey ContactsActive
Randolph County Commission ElkinsWVAgencyKey ContactsActive
Canon-McMillan School District CanonsburgPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections MuncyPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Wilkinsburg School District WilkinsburgPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Everett Area School District EverettPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
ARC Document Solutions ClevelandOHAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Connellsville Redevelopment Authority ConnellsvillePAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Williamsport Area School District WilliamsportPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.aspx?PageID=1
Youngstown State University Planning & Construction YoungstownOHAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Kent State University - Office of the University Architect KentOHAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Clearfield County Commissioners / Controller ClearfieldPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Warren County Commissioners WarrenPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Warrior Run School District Business Office TurbotvillePAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Office of the Chancellor (PASSHE) HarrisburgPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Office of Facilities and Engineering, Bureau of Design AnnvillePAAgencyKey ContactsActive
City of Parkersburg ParkersburgWVAgencyKey ContactsActive
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Silviculture Section HarrisburgPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Bethel Park Municipal Authority Bethel ParkPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Riverview School District OakmontPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Titusville Area School District TitusvillePAAgencyKey ContactsActive
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