Clyde Kenneth Tewell  (814) 
Jacob Johnson  (814) 
Jake Johnson  (814) 
Jake Klac  (814) 
Johnson Jacob  (814) 
Ken Tewell, President  (814) 
Philip Mead  (814) 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
Cambria Heights School District PattonPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Highspire Borough/Authority HighspirePAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Lower Pottsgrove Township, Administration Building PottstownPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Clay Township StevensPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
DC Department of General Services - Contracting & Procurement WashingtonDCAgencyKey ContactsActive
Ephrata Township EphrataPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
White Deer Township New ColumbiaPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Redevelopment Authority of Somerset County SomersetPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Hartleton Borough HartletonPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Silver Spring Township MechanicsburgPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Plainfield Township, Municipal Building NazarethPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
City of Altoona Department of Public Works AltoonaPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.aspx
Bedford Area School District BedfordPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Everett Area School District EverettPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Manheim Borough ManheimPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Littlestown Borough LittlestownPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.aspx
New Foundations Charter School PhiladelphiaPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Middlesex Township CarlislePAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Garrett County Purchasing Department OaklandMDAgencyKey ContactsActive
Northampton Township, Township Manager RichboroPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
Canonsburg Borough CanonsburgPAAgencyKey ContactsActive
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