Michael Facchiano Contracting

801 McNeilly Road

PA, Pittsburgh 15226

(412) 344-5503


Company Type: Contractor

Aaron Mediate  (412)   @.com 
Allen Barnas  (412)    @.com 
Bob Allridge  (412)    @.com 
Bob Wargo  (412)    @.com 
Chuck Anthony  (412)    @.com 
Eric Steele  (412)    @.com 
Ernst Carns  (412)   @.com 
Jason Gasbarrini  (412)   @.com 
Joe Casamassa  (412)    @.com 
John Facchiano  (412)   @.com 
Michael Facchiano  (412)   @.com 
Russ Hathaway  (412)    @.com 
Russ Hathaway  (412)    @.com 
Russell Hathaway  (412)    @.com 
Shane Andres  (412)    @.com 
Steve Auderjack  (412)    @.com 
Vince  (412)    @.com 
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Borough of Crafton CraftonPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org/
Pittsburgh Sports & Exhibition Authority PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Allegheny County Office of the Contract Manager PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.us/
Jackson Township, Butler County ZelienoplePAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Port Authority of Allegheny County - Purchasing and Materials Management Department PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority PWSA PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Mckees Rocks Borough McKees RocksPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.us/
Allegheny County Division of Purchasing and Supplies PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.us
City of Clairton ClairtonPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Allegheny County Controller PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Accu-Copy Reprographics - Pittsburgh - North Cranberry TownshipPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Baldwin Township PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Quest CDN WilmingtonDEAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Slippery Rock University Contracts Department Slippery RockPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.edu
Borough of Coraopolis CoraopolisPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com
West Homestead Borough West HomesteadPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Central Office HarrisburgPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.aspx
Borough of Pleasant Hills PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Port Authority of Allegheny County PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org
Borough of West View PittsburghPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.org/
Accu-Copy Cranberry TownshipPAAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects.com