PortMiami - Miami-Dade Seaport Department

1015 North America Way - 2nd Floor

FL, Miami 33132

(305) 329-4025


Company Type: Agency

Frank Ramirez  (305)    @.gov 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
Miliani Construction Corp MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Conwell & Associates Consulting Company MiamiFLContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Lyon Consulting Llc DoralFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Florida Engineering and Development Corp Hialeah GardensFLKey ContactsActive Projects.net/
Bofam Construction Co., Inc. Lake WorthFLContractorKey ContactsActive Projects
Bejar Construction Pembroke PinesFLContractorKey ContactsActive Projects
Bore Tech Utilities and Maintenance MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects.net
Phoenix Concrete Plus Inc MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects
TVC Construction DoralFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. SunriseFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
LEGO Construction Co MiamiFLContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Quality Construction Performance, Inc. MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Home Express Corp Miami BeachFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com
G Lux LLC MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects
Solares Electrical Services Inc MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com
R & D Electric, Inc. MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Lee Construction Group DoralFLContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Builcore North Bay VillageFLContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com
OAC Action Construction Corporation MiamiFLContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Relyc Contractor Corp HialeahFLKey ContactsActive Projects
JVA Engineering Contractors, Inc MiamiFLKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
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