Town of East Hampton

Executive Summary
Jeanne Carroza, Senior Purchasing Agent  (631) 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
Statewide Roofing Inc RonkonkomaNYKey ContactsActive
Ronald Webb Builder LLC East HamptonNYKey ContactsActive
American Ramp Company (ARC) JoplinMOArchitectKey ContactsActive
Aventura Construction Corp HoltsvilleNYContractorKey ContactsActive
KJB Industries RiverheadNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Essence Enterprises, Inc. VernonNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Keith Grimes, Inc. MontaukNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Ashlar Contracting BohemiaNYKey ContactsActive
Construction Consultants of Long Island RiverheadNYKey ContactsActive
Ronnette Riley Architect New YorkNYArchitectKey ContactsActive
Patrick Bistrian Jr Inc East HamptonNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Southampton Excavation & Site Development SouthamptonNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Grindline Skateparks Inc SeattleWAEngineerKey ContactsActive
Greenway USA LLC New YorkNYKey ContactsActive
Chesterfield Associates Westhampton BeachNYKey ContactsActive
Terry Contracting and Materials, Inc. RiverheadNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Carter-Melence Inc Sound BeachNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Lipsky Enterprises, Inc. BayportNYKey ContactsActive
Laser Industries Inc RidgeNYKey ContactsActive Projects
Ken Rousell, Inc. SpeonkNYKey ContactsActive Projects
G & M Earth Moving Inc HolbrookNYKey ContactsActive Projects
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