Washington County, Office of the Controller

100 West Beau Street, Suite 403

PA, Washington 15301

(724) 228-6800


Company Type: Agency

Cathy Sams  (724)    @.us 
Randy Vankirk  (724)    @.us 
Toni Snyder  (724)    @.us 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
Mariani & Richards Inc. PittsburghPAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
El Grande Industries Inc MonessenPAKey ContactsActive Projects
Graciano Corporation - Corporate Office PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Midwest Construction Inc HavertownPAKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Morgan Excavating, LP Belle VernonPAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects
Arch Masonry, Inc. PittsburghPAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
JM Young & Sons, Inc. BellevillePAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.net/
Pullman PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive Projects
JD & E, Inc. WheelingWVContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Wilson Construction Co., Inc. WindberPAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Ligonier Construction Company LaughlintownPAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Northeast Paving a Division of Eurovia Atlantic Coast WestfieldMAKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Mele & Mele & Sons BraddockPAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Burns & Scalo Roofing Company, Inc. PittsburghPAContractorKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Judson Wiley WashingtonPAKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Raimondo A Pointing Cleaning GreensburgPAKey ContactsActive Projects
Murray Sheet Metal ParkersburgWVKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Otis Elevator Company - Pittsburgh PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive Projects.com
Ramp Construction CanonsburgPAKey ContactsActive Projects
Marsa Masonry Inc. PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive Projects.com/
Buckeye Inc Wilkes-BarrePAKey ContactsActive Projects
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