David Stark  (512) 
Jamie Smith  (512) 
Jamie Smith  (512) 
Jim Allred  (512) 
Jim Allred  (512) 
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Tracy Rupp  (512) 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 64 TXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Round Rock Independent School District Purchasing Round RockTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) DetroitMIAgencyKey ContactsActive
KB Home Lone Star Inc HoustonTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No 132 TXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Clear Lake City Water Authority HoustonTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
Encanto Real Utility District HoustonTXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Brazos County - Purchasing BryanTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 191 TXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 21 TXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District Round RockTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
Myrtle Cruz Inc HoustonTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
City of Beaumont Water Utilities Department BeaumontTXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 25 Sugar LandTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
City of Katy KatyTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
Galveston County Purchasing Department GalvestonTXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Prestonwood Forest Utility District HoustonTXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
Montgomery County Municipal Utility District 9 TXAgencyKey ContactsActive Projects
City of Beaumont Purchasing BeaumontTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
Fry Road Municipal Utility District KatyTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
City of Houston Public Works HoustonTXAgencyKey ContactsActive
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