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Reported 05/13/2022 11:20 AM
Project Title

Skechers Warehouse

Physical Address View project details and contacts
City, State (County) Omaha, NE 68114   (Douglas County)
Category(s) Commercial
Sub-Category(s) Warehouse/Storage
Contracting Method
Project Status Building in Operation as of April 2022
Bids Due View project details and contacts
Estimated Value $220,000
Plans Available from
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Warehouse/Storage, 9,801 SF New Construction.
Division 03 - Concrete, Concrete Forming and Accessories, Cast-in-Place Concrete.
Division 04 - Masonry, Unit Masonry.
Division 05 - Metals.
Division 06 - Wood, Plastics, and Composites, Rough Carpentry.
Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection, Dampproofing and Waterproofing, Thermal Protection.
Division 08 - Openings, Metal Doors and Frames, Entrances, Storefronts, and Curtain Walls, Windows, Door Hardware.
Division 09 - Finishes, Flooring.
Division 10 - Specialties, Signage, Flagpoles.
Division 11 - Equipment, Parking Control Equipment.
Division 21 - Fire Suppression.
Division 22 - Plumbing.
Division 23 - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).
Division 26 - Electrical, Lighting, Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting.
Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security, Electronic Access Control and Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance, Fire Detection and Alarm.
Division 31 - Earthwork, Earthwork Methods.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Flexible Paving, Rigid Paving, Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, and Driveways, Fences and Gates, Turf and Grasses.
Division 33 - Utilities, Water Utilities, Storm Drainage Utilities, Electrical Utilities, Communications Utilities.

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