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Project Title

Annual Contract for HVAC Services for San Antonio Airport System

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City, State (County) San Antonio, TX 78216   (Bexar County)
Category(s) Single Trades, Transportation
Sub-Category(s) Airline/Passenger Terminal, HVAC
Contracting Method Competitive Bids
Project Status Construction start expected September 2022
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The City of San Antonio, Aviation Department, seeks proposals from qualified contractors interested in providing "on-call" commercial heating ventilation and air conditioning maintenance and repairs through an on call contracting services contract, also referred to as job order contracting. Service shall be for HVAC maintenance and repairs at both San Antonio International Airport and Stinson Municipal Airport. Trade services within new building construction, remodeling or alterations of an existing building will not be included. Evaluation Committee Voting Members: Jeff Coyle, Assistant City Manager, City Manager's Office Jesus H. Saenz, Director of Airports, Aviation Department Johnny Fisher, Interim Airport Facilities Manager, Aviation Department Cathleen Crabb, Sr. Architect, Public Works Department Ron Griego, Facilities Administrator, Building and Equipment Services Department TBD, Special Projects Manager, Aviation Department Pursuant to Section 003 - Instructions for Respondents, Part A, and in accordance with and as authorized by Section 2-61 of the City Code, the following restrictions on communications apply to this solicitation: Respondents are prohibited from contacting 1) City officials, as defined by 2-62 of the City Code of the City of San Antonio, regarding the RFCSP or proposal from the time the RFCSP has been released until the contract is posted for consideration as an agenda item during a meeting designated as an A session; and 2) City employees from the time the RFCSP has been released until the contract is approved at a City Council "A" session. Exceptions to the Restrictions on Communications: Respondents may submit written questions concerning this RFCSP to the Staff Contact Person listed below on or before 10 calendar days prior to the date proposals are due. Questions received after the stated deadline will not be answered. All questions shall be sent by e-mail. Marco A. Beltran, Procurement Specialist III City of San Antonio Finance Department - Purchasing Division for the Aviation Department Questions submitted, and the City's responses will be posted with this solicitation.


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