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C--Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for Geotechnical Engineering Service

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City, State (County) State-Wide: AL, AZ, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, MA, ME, MI, NC, ND, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, SD, UT, VA, WV
Category(s) Professional Services
Sub-Category(s) Engineering
Contracting Method Competitive Bids.
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Estimated Value $500 to $25,000,000
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Geotechnical Engineering Services requested include, but are not limited to, the following: a) Geotechnical Field Exploration Services: provide appropriate subsurface exploration equipment with experienced operators and crew; perform soil borings including collecting soil samples (disturbed and undisturbed samples) in conjunction with performing Standard Penetration Tests; perform dilatometer and cone penetrometer soundings; perform rock coring; install groundwater monitoring wells; and/or perform geophysical studies. The subsurface exploration equipment shall be well maintained and in good working condition and will be capable of operating on and off road and on a floating plant. The contractor will have competent engineers available upon request by the Government to coordinate and oversee the field exploration including utility coordination, sample collection, and/or boring log preparation. The contractor shall have the ability to field locate all borings and provide ground surface elevations utilizing the services of a professional land surveyor. All subsurface exploration methods will be performed in accordance with ASTM standards. b) Geotechnical Soils Laboratory Services: Perform appropriate tests to characterize and estimate engineering properties of soils including but not limited to general index tests, 1-D consolidation tests, triaxial test, and direct shear test. All laboratory testing will be performed in accordance with ASTM standards. c) Geotechnical Engineering Services: Perform deep and shallow foundation design and analyses, bearing capacity analyses, settlement analysis, slope stability analyses, seepage analyses (including 2d and 3d modeling), probable failure mode analysis, probabilistic assessments (risk, reliability, uncertainty), pavement design and analysis, and design and analysis of waterfront structures; perform computer modeling using programs such as Slide, Slope/W, UTEXAS4, Seep/W, LPile, PCASE, and other current recognized industry software; prepare field and laboratory investigation programs. d) Geotechnical and Geologic Literature Search; e) Prepare and present geotechnical reports, technical topic presentations, and special studies; Prepare graphic logs; Prepare plans and specification for geotechnical components of projects using AutoCAD. f) Geotechnical Instrumentation Services: Perform evaluation, design, installation, monitoring and rehabilitation of geotechnical engineering instrumentation including, but not limited to, inclinometers, piezometers, movement monitoring devices, etc. Construction monitoring and field testing: Provide compaction testing, pile driving inspection, drilled pier construction inspection, and static and dynamic load testing of deep foundation systems, installation and monitoring of static pile load tests. g) Review of designs to ensure compliance with specified design standards; h) Dam and Levee Engineering Services: provide inspection and evaluation of dams and flood control levees. Prepare designs and analysis for repairs and rehabilitation, Dams to include earth fill, rock fill, conventional concrete, and roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam projects. Aspects of the dam will include intakes, conduits, spillways, discharge channels, drainage facilities, embankments, concrete and masonry structures, and foundations. Levee systems to include embankments, concrete floodwalls, closure structures, gates and pump stations. Engineering disciplines will include expertise in hydrology and hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, structural analysis and design, mechanical, electrical and construction engineering. Preparation of Dam Break Analyses


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