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Project Title

RFP D/B - Design and Construction of Zone 3 - WEG HQ/Maintenance Hangar and Apron Facilities

Physical Address View project details and contacts
City, State (County) Tyndall AFB, FL 32403   (Bay County)
Category(s) Government/Public, Heavy and Highway, Transportation
Sub-Category(s) Aircraft Hangar, Military Facility, Site Development
Contracting Method Competitive Bids
Project Status Construction Commenced, Construction start expected September 2022 , Request For Proposals
Bids Due View project details and contacts
Estimated Value $195,651,603 [brand] Estimate
Plans Available from Agency's Affiliate
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Architect View project details and contacts

Award Details Contract Award Date: Jul 12, 2022 Contract Award Number: W9127822C0012 Task/Delivery Order Number: Contractor Awarded Unique Entity ID: XXNJCWMAKNH8 Contractor Awarded Name: B.L. Harbert International, L.L.C. Contractor Awarded Address: Birmingham, AL 35209-4564 USA Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value): $195651603.00 This project is for the design and construction of two separate facilities: WEG HQ and WEG Maintenance Hangar and Apron Facilities. WEG HQ: The 53rd WEG HQ facility consists of one consolidated facility. The Combined Group Headquarters, 894.84 SM = 9,605 SF, Squadron Operations, 3,657 SM = 39,252SF; and an Emergency Ops Center, 2,452 SM = 26,318 SF. The combined Weapons Evaluation Group (WEG) Headquarters, constituent Squadron Operations facility and emergency Operations Center included both SCIF and SAPF areas. This multi-story facility provides a consolidated facility with administrative areas for the 53d TSS, 53d WEG, and 83d Squadron Operations staff. The administrative areas will be supported by conferencing, meeting, and other special spaces. In addition to the admin areas, the squadron operations will provide mission planning, SAPF workspace, briefing, storage, and vault space. The project includes all utilities, site improvements, special foundations, pavements, detection/protection features, security enhancements, and other supporting work. WEG Maintenance Hangar: The 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group (WEG) Hangar facility is consolidated with the WEG HQ and includes; Maintenance Hangar, 8,816 SM = 94,898 SF; Armament Research Testing, 150 SM = 1,610 SF; Aircraft Maintenance Shop, 1,434 SM = 15,434 SF; Aircraft Corrosion Control: 855 SM = 9,200 SF, and a Fuel Systems Maintenance Dock, 1,243 SM = 13,380 SF. The Aircraft Maintenance Hangar and Maintenance Shop is for the QR/F-16 and E-9 Aircraft. The QF-16 Maintenance Hangar provides space for aircraft maintenance, tool rooms, aircraft weighing and other maintenance and inspection activities. Hangars support aircraft maintenance, repair, and inspection activities that are most efficiently done under complete cover. The QF-16 Maintenance Hangar will include 12 hangar bays for the QF-16 aircraft and building support facilities. The hangar bays will have a HEF system, 10-ton crane, large fan for ventilation per 6 bays. This project will require compliance with Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 for the SCIF and SAPF areas. The Armament/AGGTS/Lab is an Armament Research Testing facility attached to the Maintenance Hangar. This facility will accommodate the research, development, fabrication and testing of non-exploding, penetrating weapons made from heavy metals which are traditionally used against heavily armored targets. The Armament/AGGTS/Lab to use in conjunction with the QF-16 aircraft maintenance shop. The Aircraft Corrosion Control provides an environmentally controlled area to wash aircraft. This aircraft corrosion control facility will include a covered aircraft wash rack. The Fuel Systems Maintenance Dock is a space for an aircraft parking bay and support space for heating, plumbing, latrines, ventilation, compressed air, and fire detection and suppression. Maintenance docks provide protected space for aircraft maintenance. The fuel systems maintenance will include hangar space, administrative space, building support and fuel tank covered storage. Supporting facilities include utilities (electric service, water, sewer, gas), pavements (paving, walks, curbs and gutters), storm drainage, site improvements and building information systems. Apron Facilities: The 53 WEG Parking Apron consists of an aircraft Parking Apron, 11,447 S m = 122,864 SF. The new aircraft parking apron includes lighting. The apron includes subgrade, base and approximately 15 inches of Portland concrete cement. Additional pavement is required to support the WEG aircraft and provide area for aircraft operations outside of the obstruction free area. The apron provides aircraft parking, servicing, and loading. Apron lighting is also provided to support nighttime maintenance activities on the apron. The project includes all utilities, site improvements, soil remediation and cleanup. Privatized utility connection fees are included in their respective supporting facilities line items for electrical Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative (GCEC), water GCEC, and gas Peoples Gas Systems (PGS). The cost of this work is estimated to be between $100,000,000 and $250,000,000.00


,, 211,419 SF - 75,175 SF. 13,380 SF. 122,864 SF.
Division 03 - Concrete, Concrete Forming, Structural Cast-in-Place Concrete Forming, Concrete Reinforcing, Cast-in-Place Concrete, Precast Concrete.
Division 04 - Masonry, Unit Masonry.
Division 05 - Metals, Structural Metal Framing.
Division 06 - Wood, Plastics, and Composites, Rough Carpentry, Finish Carpentry, Architectural Woodwork.
Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection, Dampproofing and Waterproofing, Thermal Insulation, Weather Barriers.
Division 08 - Openings, Metal Doors and Frames, Wood Doors, Plastic Doors, Specialty Doors and Frames, Entrances and Storefronts, Curtain Wall and Glazed Assemblies, Windows, Hardware.
Division 09 - Finishes, Plaster and Gypsum Board, Tiling, Acoustical Ceilings, Flooring, Resilient Flooring, Carpeting, Acoustic Treatment, Painting.
Division 10 - Specialties, Visual Display Units, Signage, Compartments and Cubicles, Toilet Compartments, Partitions, Fire Protection Specialties, Fire Protection Cabinets, Fire Extinguishers, Storage Assemblies, Flagpoles.
Division 12 - Furnishings, Window Treatments, Casework, Office Furniture, Multiple Seating.
Division 13 - Special Construction, Fabricated Engineered Structures, Metal Building Systems.
Division 21 - Fire Suppression, Fire-Suppression Sprinkler Systems.
Division 22 - Plumbing, Facility Water Distribution, Facility Sanitary Sewerage, Facility Storm Drainage, Plumbing Equipment, Plumbing Fixtures.
Division 23 - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Instrumentation and Control for HVAC, HVAC Piping and Pumps, HVAC Air Distribution.
Division 26 - Electrical, Instrumentation and Control for Electrical Systems, Interior Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, Exterior Lighting.
Division 27 - Communications, Structured Cabling, Data Communications, Voice Communications.
Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security, Electronic Access Control and Intrusion Detection, Fire Detection and Alarm.
Division 31 - Earthwork, Site Clearing, Grading, Soil Treatment.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Bases, Ballasts, and Paving, Flexible Paving, Asphalt Paving, Rigid Paving, Concrete Paving, Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, and Driveways, Fences and Gates, Planting Irrigation, Turf and Grasses.
Division 33 - Utilities, Water Utilities, Sanitary Sewerage Utilities, Storm Drainage Utilities.

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