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Intersection Reconstruction (Channelization, Widening, Traffic Signal Modernization, Drainage Improvements)

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City, State (County) Braidwood, Coal City, Wilmington, IL (Greene, Grundy, Will Counties)
Category(s) Heavy and Highway
Sub-Category(s) Paving/Reconstruction, Traffic Signalization
Contracting Method Competitive Bids.
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Intersection Reconstruction (Channelization, Widening, Traffic Signal Modernization, Drainage Improvements); Location: FAU 381: IL Route 129 at Coal City Road, in the City of Braidwood, City of Wilmington, and Unincorporated areas in Will County. 20100110unittree Removal (6 to 15 Units Diameter)base Items200.000 20100210unittree Removal (Over 15 Units Diameter)base Items90.000 20100500acretree Removal, Acresbase Items1.000 20101000foottemporary Fencebase Items6,286.000 20200100cu Ydearth Excavationbase Items19,471.000 20201200cu Ydremoval and Disposal of Unsuitable Materialbase Items278.000 20800150cu Ydtrench Backfillbase Items15.000 21001000sq Ydgeotechnical Fabric for Ground Stabilizationbase Items1,713.000 21101505cu Ydtopsoil Excavation and Placementbase Items6,230.000 21400100footgrading and Shaping Ditchesbase Items200.000 25000210acreseeding, Class 2abase Items5.000 25000310acreseeding, Class 4base Items2.000 25000400poundnitrogen Fertilizer Nutrientbase Items632.000 25000500poundphosphorus Fertilizer Nutrientbase Items632.000 25000600poundpotassium Fertilizer Nutrientbase Items632.000 25003210acreinterseeding, Class 2abase Items3.000 25100115acremulch, Method 2base Items6.000 25100630sq Yderosion Control Blanketbase Items27,169.000 28000250poundtemporary Erosion Control Seedingbase Items562.000 28000305foottemporary Ditch Checksbase Items486.000 28000400footperimeter Erosion Barrierbase Items5,715.000 28000500eachinlet and Pipe Protectionbase Items3.000 28001100sq Ydtemporary Erosion Control Blanketbase Items27,169.000 28100107sq Ydstone Riprap, Class A4base Items19.000 28200200sq Ydfilter Fabricbase Items19.000 30300001cu Ydaggregate Subgrade Improvementbase Items1,527.000 30300112sq Ydaggregate Subgrade Improvement 12"Base Items9,513.000 31101200sq Ydsubbase Granular Material, Type B 4"Base Items2,064.000 31102000cu Ydsubbase Granular Material, Type Cbase Items309.000 35501313sq Ydhot-mix Asphalt Base Course, 7 1/4"Base Items3,024.000 35501316sq Ydhot-mix Asphalt Base Course, 8"Base Items155.000 35600705sq Ydhot-mix Asphalt Base Course Widening, 7 1/4"Base Items529.000 40600290poundbituminous Materials (Tack Coat)base Items6,666.000 40600982sq Ydhot-mix Asphalt Surface Removal - Butt Jointbase Items74.000 40603200tonpolymerized Hot-mix Asphalt Binder Course, Il-4.75, N50base Items553.000 40604060tonhot-mix Asphalt Surface Course, Il-9.5, Mix "D", N50base Items17.000 40604172tonpolymerized Hot-mix Asphalt Surface Course, Il-9.5, Mix "E", N70base Items1,165.000 44000100sq Ydpavement Removalbase Items2,100.000 44000161sq Ydhot-mix Asphalt Surface Removal, 3"Base Items6,321.000 44000200sq Yddriveway Pavement Removalbase Items105.000 44201777sq Ydclass D Patches, Type Ii, 11 Inchbase Items169.000 44201781sq Ydclass D Patches, Type Iii, 11 Inchbase Items42.000 44201783sq Ydclass D Patches, Type Iv, 11 Inchbase Items42.000 48102100tonaggregate Wedge Shoulder, Type Bbase Items44.000 48203029sq Ydhot-mix Asphalt Shoulders, 8"Base Items5,111.000 50102400cu Ydconcrete Removalbase Items4.000 50105220footpipe Culvert Removalbase Items55.000 50200450cu Ydremoval and Disposal of Unsuitable Material for Structuresbase Items30.000 50800105poundreinforcement Barsbase Items2,410.000 52200020sq Fttemporary Soil Retention Systembase Items347.000 54002020eachexpansion Bolts 3/4 Inchbase Items14.000 54003000cu Ydconcrete Box Culvertsbase Items11.000 54213660eachprecast Reinforced Concrete Flared End Sections 15"Base Items4.000 542a0220footpipe Culverts, Class a, Type 1 15"Base Items88.000 58600101cu Ydgranular Backfill for Structuresbase Items34.000 58700300sq Ftconcrete Sealerbase Items177.000 59000200footepoxy Crack Injectionbase Items3.000 59100100sq Ydgeocomposite Wall Drainbase Items14.000 60100060eachconcrete Headwalls for Pipe Drainsbase Items22.000 60108100footpipe Underdrains 4" (Special)base Items341.000 60108204footpipe Underdrains, Type 2, 4"Base Items6,296.000 63000003footsteel Plate Beam Guardrail, Type a, 9 Foot Postsbase Items475.000 63100167eachtraffic Barrier Terminal, Type 1 (Special) Tangentbase Items2.000 63200310footguardrail Removalbase Items475.000 66900200cu Ydnon-special Waste Disposalbase Items3,375.000 66900530eachsoil Disposal Analysisbase Items8.000 66901001l Sumregulated Substances Pre-construction Planbase Items1.000 66901003l Sumregulated Substances Final Construction Reportbase Items1.000 66901006cal Daregulated Substances Monitoringbase Items50.000 67000400cal Moengineer's Field Office, Type Abase Items24.000 67100100l Summobilizationbase Items1.000 70100500l Sumtraffic Control and Protection, Standard 701326base Items1.000 70102620l Sumtraffic Control and Protection, Standard 701501base Items1.000 70102635l Sumtraffic Control and Protection, Standard 701701base Items1.000 70106800cal Mochangeable Message Signbase Items4.000 70300100footshort Term Pavement Markingbase Items8,249.000 70300150sq Ftshort Term Pavement Marking Removalbase Items5,272.000 70300210sq Fttemporary Pavement Marking Letters and Symbolsbase Items146.000 70300220foottemporary Pavement Marking - Line 4"Base Items16,906.000 70300240foottemporary Pavement Marking - Line 6"Base Items640.000 70300260foottemporary Pavement Marking - Line 12"Base Items867.000 70300280foottemporary Pavement Marking - Line 24"Base Items162.000 70300510sq Ftpavement Marking Tape, Type Iii - Letters and Symbolsbase Items146.000 70300520footpavement Marking Tape, Type Iii 4"Base Items1,691.000 70300540footpavement Marking Tape, Type Iii 6"Base Items64.000 70300570footpavement Marking Tape, Type Iii 24"Base Items162.000 70300904footpavement Marking Tape, Type Iv 4"Base Items26,761.000 70300924footpavement Marking Tape, Type Iv 24"Base Items106.000 70400100foottemporary Concrete Barrierbase Items3,025.000 70400200footrelocate Temporary Concrete Barrierbase Items1,350.000 70600260eachimpact Attenuators, Temporary (Fully Redirective, Narrow), Test Level 3base Items12.000 70600332eachimpact Attenuators, Relocate (Fully Redirective, Narrow), Test Level 3base Items12.000 72000100sq Ftsign Panel - Type 1base Items77.000 72000200sq Ftsign Panel - Type 2base Items229.500 72300100sq Ftinstall Existing Sign Panelbase Items88.000 72400200eachremove Sign Panel Assembly - Type Bbase Items14.000 72400600eachrelocate Sign Panel Assembly - Type Bbase Items13.000 72501000eachterminal Marker - Direct Appliedbase Items2.000 72800100foottelescoping Steel Sign Supportbase Items300.000 78000100sq Ftthermoplastic Pavement Marking - Letters and Symbolsbase Items146.000 78000200footthermoplastic Pavement Marking - Line 4"Base Items18,406.000 78000400footthermoplastic Pavement Marking - Line 6"Base Items640.000 78000600footthermoplastic Pavement Marking - Line 12"Base Items867.000 78000650footthermoplastic Pavement Marking - Line 24"Base Items162.000 78100100eachraised Reflective Pavement Markerbase Items188.000 78200006eachguardrail Reflectors, Type Bbase Items7.000 78200011eachbarrier Wall Reflectors, Type Cbase Items121.000 78300200eachraised Reflective Pavement Marker Removalbase Items50.000 78300201sq Ftpavement Marking Removal - Grindingbase Items3,090.000 78300202sq Ftpavement Marking Removal - Water Blastingbase Items500.000 81028200footunderground Conduit, Galvanized Steel, 2" Dia.base Items836.000 81028220footunderground Conduit, Galvanized Steel, 3" Dia.base Items212.000 81028240footunderground Conduit, Galvanized Steel, 4" Dia.base Items422.000 81400100eachhandholebase Items3.000 81400200eachheavy-duty Handholebase Items4.000 81400300eachdouble Handholebase Items1.000 85000500eachmaintenance of Existing Flashing Beacon Installationbase Items1.000 87301225footelectric Cable in Conduit, Signal No. 14 3cbase Items370.000 87301245footelectric Cable in Conduit, Signal No. 14 5cbase Items1,527.000 87301255footelectric Cable in Conduit, Signal No. 14 7cbase Items1,575.000 87301305footelectric Cable in Conduit, Lead-in, No. 14 1 Pairbase Items1,200.000 87301805footelectric Cable in Conduit, Service, No. 6 2 Cbase Items240.000 87301900footelectric Cable in Conduit, Equipment Grounding Conductor, No. 6 1cbase Items1,050.000 87502500eachtraffic Signal Post, Galvanized Steel 16 Ft.base Items4.000 87700230eachsteel Mast Arm Assembly and Pole, 38 Ft.base Items1.000 87700240eachsteel Mast Arm Assembly and Pole, 40 Ft.base Items3.000 87800100footconcrete Foundation, Type Abase Items20.000 87800150footconcrete Foundation, Type Cbase Items4.000 87800415footconcrete Foundation, Type E 36-inch Diameterbase Items55.000 88030020eachsignal Head, Led, 1-face, 3-section, Mast-arm Mountedbase Items4.000 88030050eachsignal Head, Led, 1-face, 3-section, Bracket Mountedbase Items4.000 88030100eachsignal Head, Led, 1-face, 5-section, Bracket Mountedbase Items4.000 88030110eachsignal Head, Led, 1-face, 5-section, Mast-arm Mountedbase Items4.000 88200410eachtraffic Signal Backplate, Louvered, Formed Plasticbase Items8.000 88500100eachinductive Loop Detectorbase Items4.000 88600100footdetector Loop, Type Ibase Items270.000 88700200eachlight Detectorbase Items2.000 88700300eachlight Detector Amplifierbase Items1.000 89502400eachremove Existing Flashing Beacon Installation Completebase Items1.000 A2006514eachtree, Quercus Bicolor (Swamp White Oak), 1-3/4" Caliper, Balled and Burlappedbase Items10.000 A2007624eachtree, Taxodium Distichum (Common Bald Cypress), 3" Caliper, Balled and Burlappedbase Items10.000 D2002372eachevergreen, Pinus Flexilis (Limber Pine), 6' Height, Balled and Burlappedbase Items10.000 D2003772eachevergreen, Thuja Occidentalis (American Arborvitae), 6' Height, Balled and Burlappedbase Items50.000 X0324085footemergency Vehicle Priority System Line Sensor Cable, No. 20 3/cbase Items323.000 X0325222gallonweed Control, Basal Treatmentbase Items15.000 X0900064sq Ydmembrane Waterproofing System for Buried Structuresbase Items14.000 X0900075eachcofferdam (Type 1) (in-stream/wetland Work)base Items2.000 X1400107eachfull-actuated Controller and Type Super P Cabinetbase Items1.000 X1400150eachservice Installation, Ground Mounted, Meteredbase Items1.000 X1400201eachradar Vehicle Detection System, Single Approach, Stop Barbase Items2.000 X2010350acretree Removal, Acres (Special)base Items3.000 X2020110unitgrading and Shaping Shouldersbase Items22.000 X4022000eachtemporary Access (Commercial Entrance)base Items1.000 X4023000eachtemporary Access (Road)base Items1.000 X4421672sq Ydclass D Patches, Type Ii, 11 Inch (Special)base Items139.000 X4421673sq Ydclass D Patches, Type Iii, 11 Inch (Special)base Items139.000 X4421674sq Ydclass D Patches, Type Iv, 11 Inch (Special)base Items556.000 X7010216l Sumtraffic Control and Protection, (Special)base Items1.000 X7030005sq Fttemporary Pavement Marking Removalbase Items14,220.000 X7040125eachpinning Temporary Concrete Barrierbase Items352.000 X8620200eachuninterruptable Power Supply, Specialbase Items1.000 Z0004562footcombination Concrete Curb and Gutter Removal and Replacementbase Items118.000 Z0013798l Sumconstruction Layoutbase Items1.000 Z0030850sq Fttemporary Information Signingbase Items115.000 Z0062456sq Ydtemporary Pavementbase Items2,064.000 Z0064800unitselective Clearingbase Items12.000 Z0076600hourtraineesbase Items500.000$0.80 Z0076604hourtrainees Training Program Graduatebase Items500.000$15.00


Division 01 - General Requirements, Vehicular Access and Parking, Traffic Control, Temporary Barriers and Enclosures.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Flexible Paving, Asphalt Paving, Rigid Paving, Concrete Paving, Paving Specialties, Pavement Markings.
Division 33 - Utilities, Storm Drainage Utilities, Storm Drainage Structures.
Division 34 - Transportation, Transportation Signaling and Control Equipment, Roadway Signaling and Control Equipment, Traffic Signals, Traffic Control Equipment.

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