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Reported 06/27/2022 01:08 PM
Project Title

Modera McGavock

Physical Address View project details and contacts
City, State (County) Nashville, TN   (Davidson County)
Category(s) Entertainment/Recreation, Heavy and Highway, Residential
Sub-Category(s) Apartments/Condominiums, Parking Garage, Swimming Pool(s)
Contracting Method Developer to Subcontract.
Project Status Design Development, Construction Start Expected July 2022
Bids Due View project details and contacts
Estimated Value $151,000,000 [brand] Estimate
Plans Available from
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Working plans call for the construction of a 29-story above grade, 400-unit multi-residential development; clubhouse / community center; fitness / recreation center; for site work for a playground / park / athletic fields. As of April 01, 2022, the developer is in approvals to add one more story to the project. An architect has been selected. The developer will act as the general contractor. Although a firm timeline cannot currently be established, construction is not expected to commence prior to second quarter 2022. *Information regarding subcontractor bidding has not been disclosed to the content management team at this time. Interested subcontractors should contact the general contractor directly for more information.


Apartments/Condominiums, 29 Stories Above Grade, New Construction, 400 Unit(s), Parking Garage, 3 Stories Below Grade, New Construction.
Division 02 - Existing Conditions, Subsurface Investigation.
Division 03 - Concrete, Concrete Forming and Accessories, Concrete Reinforcing, Cast-in-Place Concrete, Concrete Finishing, Precast Concrete, Site-Cast Concrete.
Division 04 - Masonry, Unit Masonry.
Division 05 - Metals, Structural Metal Framing.
Division 06 - Wood, Plastics, and Composites, Rough Carpentry, Finish Carpentry, Architectural Woodwork, Architectural Wood Casework.
Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection, Dampproofing and Waterproofing, Thermal Protection, Weather Barriers.
Division 08 - Openings, Doors and Frames, Wood Doors, Plastic Doors, Windows, Hardware, Glazing, Louvers and Vents.
Division 09 - Finishes, Plaster and Gypsum Board, Ceilings, Carpeting, Painting and Coating, Special Coatings, Cementitious Coatings.
Division 10 - Specialties, Signage, Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories, Fire Protection Specialties, Fire Protection Cabinets, Fire Extinguishers.
Division 11 - Equipment, Vehicle and Pedestrian Equipment, Residential Equipment, Residential Appliances.
Division 13 - Special Construction, Swimming Pools, Recirculating Gutter Systems, Swimming Pool Accessories, Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment.
Division 21 - Fire Suppression.
Division 22 - Plumbing, Instrumentation and Control for Plumbing, Plumbing Piping, Plumbing Equipment, Plumbing Fixtures, Residential Plumbing Fixtures, Pool and Fountain Plumbing Systems, Swimming Pool Plumbing Systems.
Division 23 - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Instrumentation and Control for HVAC, HVAC Air Distribution.
Division 26 - Electrical, Instrumentation and Control for Electrical Systems, Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, Special Purpose Lighting, Underwater Lighting, Exterior Lighting.
Division 27 - Communications, Structured Cabling.
Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security, Electronic Surveillance, Electronic Detection and Alarm.
Division 31 - Earthwork, Site Clearing, Clearing and Grubbing, Earth Moving, Grading, Excavation and Fill, Earthwork Methods, Soil Treatment.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Flexible Paving, Asphalt Paving, Rigid Paving, Concrete Paving, Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, and Driveways, Paving Specialties, Parking Bumpers, Pavement Markings, Irrigation, Planting, Turf and Grasses.
Division 33 - Utilities, Water Utilities, Sanitary Sewerage Utilities, Electrical Utilities, Communications Utilities.

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