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In Chisago County on Th 8 A Deer Garden Lane Grading, Bituminous Mill and Overlay, Bituminous Paving and Lighting

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Grading, Bituminous Mill and Overlay, Lighting, ADA Improvements

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City, State (County) MN   (Polk County)
Category(s) Heavy and Highway
Sub-Category(s) Paving/Reconstruction
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6008-17 (TH 59=030) NHPP 0059(321) In Polk County on TH 59 from 0.8 miles N. of Sand Hill River to 477 ft. S. of TH 2 Grading, Bituminous Mill and Overlay, Lighting, ADA Improvements 9.254 Miles Sawing Concrete Pavement (Full Depth) 188 Lf,12" Rc Safety Apron 5 Each,8" Concrete Driveway Pavement 11 Sy,Stabilized Construction Exit 1 Ls,Drill And Grout Reinforcement Bar (Epoxy Coated) 89 Each,Type Sp 12.5 Wearing Course Mixture (3,c) 31447 Ton,Light Foundation Design e 1 Each,Soil Bed Preparation 2.3 Acre,Remove Concrete Walk 301 Sf,Select Granular Embankment (Cv) 6955 Cy,Calcium Chloride Solution 2500 Gal,Mill Bituminous Surface (3.0") 10737 Sy,2" Non-Metallic Conduit (Directional Bore) 70 Lf,Traffic Control 1 Ls,Filter Berm Type 5 441 Lf,4" Solid Line Multi-Component Ground In (Wr) 98811 Lf,Maint And Restoration Of Haul Roads 1 Ls,Salvage Lighting Unit 1 Each,Remove Bituminous Pavement 42835 Sf,Geogrid 3295 Sy,Quality Management - Thermal Profiling 1 Ls,Remove Anchorage Assembly-Cable 2 Each,Milled Rumble Strips 79294 Lf,24" Rc Pipe Culvert Design 3006 134 Lf,Geotextile Filter Type 4 168 Sy,6" Concrete Walk 2537 Sf,Storm Drain Inlet Protection 5 Each,Culvert End Controls 8 Each,Sediment Control Log Type Wood Chip 3644 Lf,Fertilizer Type 3 453 Lb,Interim Pavement Marking 1 Ls,Mobilization 1 Ls,Combination Field Laboratory-Office 1 Each,Sawing Bituminous Pavement (Full Depth) 681 Lf,Remove Curb 10 Lf,Excavation - Muck 3520 Cy,Excavation - Subgrade 2443 Cy,Common Embankment (Cv) 1572 Cy,Dozer 10 Hour,Bituminous Patch Special 1653 Sy,Direct Buried Lighting Cable 4/c 4 Awg 180 Lf,Traffic Barrier Design Type 31 787.5 Lf,Rapid Stabilization Method 4 11721 Sy,4" Solid Line Multi-Component (Wr) 874 Lf,Remove Pipe Culverts 133 Lf,Remove Box Culvert 38 Lf,Aggregate Surfacing Class 1 6287 Ton,Mill Bituminous Surface (1.5") 121499 Sy,Random Riprap Class Iii 54 Cy,Truncated Domes 108 Sf,4" Dotted Line Multi-Component Ground In (Wr) 483 Lf,Remove Drainage Structure 3 Each,Remove Direct Buried Lighting Cable 180 Lf,Remove Curb And Gutter 285 Lf,Geotextile Fabric Type 5 2792 Sy,24" Rc Safety Apron 4 Each,Excavation - Common 1386 Cy,Aggregate Base (Cv) Class 5 1717 Cy,Fine Aggregate Bedding (Cv) 115 Cy,12" Rc Pipe Sewer Design 3006 54 Lf,Relocate Mail Box 12 Each,Seeding 2.3 Acre,Weed Spray Mixture .8 Gal,Remove Light Foundation 1 Each,Remove Pavement 20399 Sf,Remove Cable Guardrail 925 Lf,Clean Pipe Culvert 55 Lf,Casting Assembly 5 Each,Construct Drainage Structure Design f 21 Lf,Construct Drainage Structure Design g 4 Lf,Concrete Curb And Gutter Design b624 278 Lf,Install Lighting Unit 1 Each,Guide Post Type Special 11 Each,Loam Topsoil Borrow 59 Cy,Weed Spraying 1.1 Acre,Seed Mixture 25-121 272 Lb,Rolled Erosion Prevention Category 25 9905 Sy,4" Double Solid Line Multi-Component (Wr) 407 Lf,Remove Sewer Pipe (Storm) 113 Lf,Remove Concrete Driveway Pavement 166 Sf,Quality Management - Intelligent Compaction 1 Ls,Milled Sinusoidal Rumble Strips-Cl 45469 Lf,Concrete Curb And Gutter Design b424 22 Lf,End Treatment-Tangent Terminal 2 Each,Rapid Stabilization Method 3 3 Mgal,4" Broken Line Multi-Component (Wr) 9691 Lf


Division 01 - General Requirements, Vehicular Access and Parking, Traffic Control, Temporary Barriers and Enclosures.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Flexible Paving, Asphalt Paving, Rigid Paving, Concrete Paving, Paving Specialties, Pavement Markings.
Division 33 - Utilities, Storm Drainage Utilities, Storm Drainage Structures.

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