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Project Title

Plumbing Services Repair and Maintenance

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City, State (County) Cleveland, OH   (Cuyahoga County)
Category(s) Single Trades
Sub-Category(s) Plumbing
Contracting Method Competitive Bids.
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Scope of Work: 1.Catch Basins/ Trench Drains Vacuum/ Cleaned/Jetted Storm/Sanitary Sewers Vacuum/Cleaned/Jetted 2.Televising/ Video/All Exterior and Interior Storm/Sanitary Sewer Vac/Clean Lift Stations 3.Acid Neutralization Tank Vacuum/Clean/Disposal Installation/Repair of Sanitary/Storm Sewers/Catch Basins/Trench Drains 4.Installation/Repair of Domestic Water/Fire Lines/Valves Installation/Repairs of Fire Hydrants Nalves/PIV Concrete/Site Restoration 5.Backflow Testing and Repairs Locating of Underground Utilities Sanitary/Storm Sewer Relining 6.Fabrication/Welding Heaters/Fans/Tanks Replacement of Domestic Hot Water Tanks/ Accessories 7.Repair/Refurbish Existing Domestic Water Pumps Replace Water Pressure Regulator 8.Replace Cast Iron Storm Sewers from 1/12" to 10" Diameter Excavation/Concrete Replacement of Any Underground Sewer Repair Installation/Refurbish/Weld Air Handler 9.Install/Repair R.O. System 10.Install Gate Valves/Check Valves from 2" to 10" Installation of Steam Hot Water Generators Install A/C Units/HVAC Repairs 11.Install Sewerage Pumps/Check Valves/Sewer Discharge Line Drain Cleaning/Water Closet/Sinks/Floor Drains Installation of Any Copper Domestic Water Lines 12.Installation of Any Fixture Water Closet/Sink/ Mop Basin/Floor Drains Installation of Insulation on Water Lines 13.Installation/Repair/Brazing of Medical Gas/Equipment Electrical Connections on all Equipment Installations 14.Tracking of all Water/Gas /Steam/Compressed Air/Storm& Sanitary Lines After Hours Plumbing Emergencies.


Division 22 - Plumbing, Common Work Results for Plumbing.

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