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Project Title

100 Lead Service Line Replacements

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City, State (County) Milwaukee, WI 53202   (Milwaukee County)
Category(s) Heavy and Highway, Sewer and Water
Sub-Category(s) Site Development, Water Lines
Contracting Method Competitive Bids
Project Status Construction start expected September 2022
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Estimated Value $2,000,000 [brand] Estimate
Plans Available from Municipal Agency
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100 LEAD SERVICE LINE REPLACEMENTS, by qualified City of Milwaukee licensed and bonded contractors. Qualified bidders shall have the necessary equipment and experience to replace lead service lines using trenchless methods including, but not limited to, the following (Pulling, Hole Hogging, Boring, Directional Drilling, and Pipe Bursting). Service line replacement locations may include properties along upcoming paving projects, childcare facilities, or emergency locations where a leak or failure has occurred. Each location will require either the full replacement of the water service line from the municipal water main up to the interior water meter setting, or, at locations where a portion of the service line was previously replaced with copper, the replacement of the remaining lead portion of the service line. When the existing water meter setting is not code compliant, work will also include a new meter setting Work may include, but is not limited to, the procurement of all necessary permits, a site visit prior to work beginning, scheduling the installation with the property owner, traffic control, erosion control, saw-cutting, excavation, installation of a new copper service line utilizing trenchless technology (MWW approval is required for open cut installation), tapping of the water main, abandonment of the lead service line, installation of an updated water meter setting up to and including the outlet valve, reconnection to the interior building piping, code-compliant restoration of the electrical ground wire, backfilling of the excavation(s), restoration of pavement, curb and gutter, and walk, and final cleanup of the work site. Temporary and permanent restoration requirements will be at the discretion of MWW. The contractor will be required to complete a minimum of 1 service per working day. Locations will be at various sites throughout the City of Milwaukee. All work shall be in compliance with the City of Milwaukee Rules and Regulations Governing Water Service, the City of Milwaukee Water Service Piping Specifications, and the City of Milwaukee Special Provisions for Lead Service Line Replacement. Prices from all bidders will be kept on file. If the successful bidder fails to fulfill the contract requirements, an agreement with a secondary contractor may be pursued for work at specific emergency locations. Time for Completion: The contractor shall begin scheduling work immediately following contract execution. All work, including site restoration, must be completed by January 31, 2023. The contractor will be required to mobilize to the designated location within 48 hours of notification and substantially complete the replacement within three City business days of notification. Substantial completion is considered restoration of water service to the property with a copper water service and backfilling all excavations. A maximum of one project working day is allowed for substantial completion at each site. Permanent restoration of pavement, curb and gutter, and walk will not be included in project working days if completed within one week (weather permitting) of substantial completion. MWW reserves the right to require site restoration immediately following the service installation if deemed necessary for traffic, safety, or public welfare. MWW reserves the right to assess daily contract per diem charges on projects which exceed allowable project working days. If a secondary contractor is utilized to perform work at a project site, MWW reserves the right to assess the cost difference in addition to the per diem Contract Award: The contract shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder whose bid complies with the bid specifications. The Commissioner reserves the right to make an award or awards to one or more additional bidder(s) if in his judgement such award(s) will serve the best interests of the Department in terms of cost and efficiency in completing the necessary work. If any such additional award(s) are made, service line replacement locations will be distributed on an equivalent basis to each contractor. Liquidated Damages, per diem: $413.00 The SBE requirement for this project is 17% of the contract base bid. The SBE Compliance Plan (Form A) must be submitted with the bid and is an element of bid responsiveness. SBE certificates must be submitted with Form A. Incomplete SBE Compliance Plans (Form A) or inaccurate SBE Compliance Plans will not be accepted and will render the bid unresponsive The contractor shall specifically note the SBE, residency, and apprenticeship forms for this project. If the forms are not filled out properly, it will be cause for rejection of the bid. Bid Security Required: Bond, Certified Check, Cashier's Check or Cash to accompany bid: 10% of the Contractor's Base Bid. For those bids being submitted through Bid Express and using a manual Bond, the contractor may send a signed/executed copy of the bid bond to the Department of Public Works Contract Office by emailing THE EMAILED COPY OF THE BOND MUST BE RECEIVED BY NO LATER THAN 10:30 A.M. ON THE SAME DATE THAT THE BIDS ARE DUE FOR THAT SPECIFIC OFFICIAL NOTICE, or the bid will be considered non-responsive. The original bid bond document must then be submitted by the contractor to the Department of Public Works Contract Office inperson or by mail to 841 N Broadway, Rm. 506, Milwaukee, WI 53202, immediately upon being notified that they are the apparent low bidder.


Division 33 - Utilities, Instrumentation and Control for Utilities, Water Utilities, Water Utility Distribution Piping, Water Utility Distribution Equipment, Disinfecting of Water Utility Distribution, Water Utility Storage Tanks.

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