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Project Title

Inspections of Chemical Storage Tanks

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City, State (County) Olean, NY 14760   (Cattaraugus County)
Category(s) Sewer and Water, Single Trades
Sub-Category(s) Service/Term Contracts, Sewage Treatment Plant, Storage/Water Tanks
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Project Status Construction start expected October 2022
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The City of Olean is seeking quotes for inspections of chemical storage tanks at the water filtration plant and wastewater plant. These inspections will follow the requirements of New York State Chemical Bulk Storage regulations 6 NYCRR Parts 598 and 599. The inspection is to include an external visual inspection of the tank, associated piping, containment and ancillary equipment per DER-16 (Five-Year Inspection of Plastic Tanks). The inspection will assess and evaluate the system tightness, structural soundness, corrosion, wear, foundation weakness, operability and maintenance as per 6 NYCRR Part 598.7(d) - Five-Year Inspections 1. The carbon steel tanks at the filtration plant are covered with a painted insulation. Sections of the insulation can be removed to perform inspections as required. 2. If tanks are to be empty for proper inspection, it may be necessary to inspect the sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite tanks at different dates depending on volumes in the tanks at the time requested for inspections. 3. We would like the inspections performed in the month of October 2022. For any questions or to have a look at the tanks, please contact: Dale Walker City of Olean Water Division 1332 River Street Olean, NY 14760 716-376-5699


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