Mount Lebanon

Executive Summary
Rudy Sukal, Director of Public Works  (412) 
NameCityStateTypeKey ContactsActive ProjectsWebsite
Independent Enterprises Inc OakdalePAOwnerKey ContactsActive
El Grande Industries Inc MonessenPAKey ContactsActive Projects
Youngblood Paving, Inc. WampumPAKey ContactsActive
A Liberoni, Inc PlumPAContractorKey ContactsActive
Plavchak Construction ElizabethPAContractorKey ContactsActive
El Grande Industries DonoraPAKey ContactsActive Projects.html
A Folino Construction, Inc. OakmontPAContractorKey ContactsActive
Liokareas Construction Company Bethel ParkPAContractorKey ContactsActive
Baiano Construction Inc. PittsburghPAContractorKey ContactsActive
Waller Corporation General Contractors WashingtonPAContractorKey ContactsActive
Robinson Pipe Cleaning Co. PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive
Excaliber Construction HickoryPAKey ContactsActive Projects
Traffic Systems and Services PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive Projects
State Pipe Services, Inc. Cranberry TownshipPAKey ContactsActive
Power Contracting Company CarnegiePAKey ContactsActive
Joe Palmieri Construction, Inc. PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive
Niando Construction, Inc. PittsburghPAKey ContactsActive Projects
Michael Facchiano Contracting PittsburghPAContractorKey ContactsActive
Mele & Mele & Sons BraddockPAContractorKey ContactsActive
A Merante Contracting Inc PittsburghPAContractorKey ContactsActive
Bronder Technical Services ProspectPAKey ContactsActive
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