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Last Updated 01/17/2023 03:05 PM
Project Title

Speedway #7535 Rebuild / Grand Rapids

Physical Address View project details and contacts
City, State (County) Grand Rapids, MI 49505   (Kent County)
Category(s) Commercial, Heavy and Highway
Sub-Category(s) Food/Beverage Service, Gas Station, Paving/Reconstruction, Site Development, Vehicle Sales/Service
Contracting Method Bids by Invitation
Project Status Project In For Redesign, Construction start expected January 2023
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Estimated Value $1,300,000 [brand] Estimate
Plans Available from
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Demolition, reconstruction and expansion of an existing gas station and convenience store As of August 11, 2022, this project has been put on hold by the owner until 2023.


1 Story Above Grade, 5,600 SF.
Division 03 - Concrete, Concrete Forming, Cast-in-Place Concrete, Concrete Finishing.
Division 04 - Masonry, Unit Masonry.
Division 05 - Metals, Structural Metal Framing.
Division 06 - Wood, Plastics, and Composites, Rough Carpentry, Finish Carpentry.
Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection, Dampproofing and Waterproofing, Thermal Protection, Weather Barriers.
Division 08 - Openings, Doors and Frames, Metal Doors and Frames, Panel Doors, Entrances and Storefronts, Windows.
Division 09 - Finishes, Plaster and Gypsum Board, Acoustical Ceilings, Resilient Flooring, Painting, Exterior Painting, Interior Painting.
Division 10 - Specialties, Signage, Compartments and Cubicles, Toilet Compartments, Fire Protection Specialties, Fire Protection Cabinets, Fire Extinguishers.
Division 11 - Equipment, Vehicle Service Equipment, Vehicle-Washing Equipment, Refrigerated Display Equipment, Foodservice Equipment, Foodservice Storage Equipment, Refrigerated Food Storage Cases, Walk-In Coolers, Foodservice Shelving, Food Cooking Equipment, Food Dispensing Equipment, Soda Fountain Equipment, Ice Machines, Cleaning and Disposal Equipment.
Division 12 - Furnishings, Countertops, Furnishing Accessories, Waste Receptacles, Rugs and Mats, Entrance Floor Mats and Frames, Site Furnishings, Trash and Litter Receptacles.
Division 21 - Fire Suppression, Instrumentation and Control for Fire-Suppression Systems.
Division 22 - Plumbing, Instrumentation and Control for Plumbing, Plumbing Piping, Facility Water Distribution, Facility Storm Drainage, Plumbing Equipment, Plumbing Fixtures, Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains.
Division 23 - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Instrumentation and Control for HVAC, HVAC Air Distribution, Ventilation Hoods, Commercial-Kitchen Hoods.
Division 26 - Electrical, Instrumentation and Control for Electrical Systems, Power Distribution Units, Lighting, Interior Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, Exterior Lighting, Lighting Poles and Standards, Parking Lighting.
Division 27 - Communications, Structured Cabling, Data Communications, Audio-Video Communications.
Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security, Electronic Access Control and Intrusion Detection.
Division 31 - Earthwork, Site Clearing, Grading, Soil Treatment.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Bases, Ballasts, and Paving, Flexible Paving, Asphalt Paving, Rigid Paving, Concrete Paving, Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, and Driveways, Screening Devices, Planting Irrigation, Planting.
Division 33 - Utilities, Water Utilities, Water Utility Distribution Piping, Sanitary Sewerage Utilities, Storm Drainage Utilities.
Division 44 - Pollution and Waste Control Equipment.

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