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Last Updated 07/18/2023 01:57 PM
Project Title

Arnold Palmer Regional Airport - Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) Improvements

Physical Address View project details and contacts
City, State (County) Latrobe, PA 15650   (Westmoreland County)
Category(s) Transportation
Sub-Category(s) Airline/Passenger Terminal
Contracting Method Competitive Bids
Project Status Results, Construction start expected August 2023
Bids Due View project details and contacts
Estimated Value $750,000 [brand] Estimate
Plans Available from Federal Agency - 06/07/23
Owner View project details and contacts
Architect View project details and contacts

**As of July 18, 2023, this project has not yet been awarded. A timeline for award has not yet been established.** The Work of Project is defined by the Contract Documents and consists of improvements to the existing six story, 3,205 sf, air traffic control tower (ATCT). Work includes a new traction elevator and new elevator landings, selective demolition, and structural modifications, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical upgrades. This project will add 684 sf of new area for a total area of 3,889 sf and will include re-roofing the building and various floor, ceiling, and wall finish upgrades and glazing sealant replacement at the ATCT cab windows. Questions regarding the technical aspects of the bid drawings and/or the contract documents should be directed to the Project Engineer. The Project Engineer is Scott Kunselman and can be contacted by email or phone at or 727-463-4037. Bids shall be on the prescribed forms furnished by the Westmoreland County Airport Authority and shall be in accordance with the General Provisions, Proposal Requirements and Conditions Section 20. The Westmoreland County Airport Authority expressly reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or to waive informalities in the same. Each bidder must deposit with this proposal a guarantee in an amount equal to at least ten percent (10%) of his bid. The "Bid Guarantee" shall consist of a firm commitment such as a bid bond, certified check, or other negotiable instrument accompanying a bid as assurance that the bidder will, upon acceptance of his bid, execute such contractual documents as may be required within the time specified. No bidder may withdraw his bid within one hundred twenty (120) days after the actual date of the opening thereof. DBE Goal for this contract is set at 5.7% Work shall be commenced within ten (10) days of the date specified in the written notification to proceed and shall be fully and finally completed within 180 Calendar days of the date specified in the written notification to proceed. An additional 60 Calendar days will be provided for ordering and delivery of equipment and materials prior to granting Notice to Proceed.


Division 03 - Concrete, Concrete Forming, Cast-in-Place Concrete, Precast Concrete.
Division 04 - Masonry, Unit Masonry.
Division 05 - Metals, Structural Metal Framing.
Division 06 - Wood, Plastics, and Composites.
Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection, Dampproofing and Waterproofing, Thermal Protection, Weather Barriers.
Division 08 - Openings, Doors and Frames, Coiling Doors and Grilles, Entrances and Storefronts, Windows, Special Function Windows, Security Windows, Access Control Hardware, Louvers and Vents.
Division 09 - Finishes, Plaster and Gypsum Board, Tiling, Ceilings, Resilient Flooring, Carpeting, Acoustic Treatment, Painting.
Division 10 - Specialties, Visual Display Units, Directories, Signage, Telephone Specialties, Compartments and Cubicles, Toilet Compartments, Emergency Aid Specialties, Fire Protection Specialties, Fire Protection Cabinets, Fire Extinguishers, Lockers, Storage Assemblies, Protective Covers, Flagpoles, Pest Control Devices, Flags and Banners, Security Mirrors and Domes.
Division 11 - Equipment, Loading Dock Equipment, Loading Dock Bumpers, Stationary Loading Dock Equipment, Portable Dock Equipment, Loading Dock Lights, Foodservice Equipment, Foodservice Storage Equipment, Food Preparation Equipment, Food Cooking Equipment, Food Dispensing Equipment, Ice Machines, Cleaning and Disposal Equipment.
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Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security.
Division 31 - Earthwork, Site Clearing, Grading, Soil Treatment.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Bases, Ballasts, and Paving, Flexible Paving, Asphalt Paving, Rigid Paving, Concrete Paving, Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, and Driveways, Paving Specialties, Parking Bumpers, Speed Bumps, Pavement Markings, Tactile Warning Surfacing, Fences and Gates.
Division 33 - Utilities, Water Utilities, Sanitary Sewerage Utilities, Storm Drainage Utilities.
Division 41 - Material Processing and Handling Equipment, Conveyors.

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