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Reported 06/28/2022 04:14 PM
Project Title

Windmill Hill Park Improvements Phase 2 - City of Alexandria

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City, State (County) Alexandria, VA 22314   (Alexandria City County)
Category(s) Heavy and Highway
Sub-Category(s) Park/Playground, Shoreline/Erosion/Drainage
Contracting Method Competitive Bids.
Project Status Conceptual Design, Construction Start Expected March 2024
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Estimated Value Less than $5,646,100
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This project (Phase II) consists of the implementation of outstanding park improvements identified in the 2003 master plan. Design for these improvements, which include a playground renovation, ADA improvements, stormwater management and slope stabilization, will begin in 2022. Construction funding is included in FY 2023. Final pedestrian safety measures consistent with the Union Street Corridor Study will be implemented in coordination with Transportation and Environmental Services following the completion of private development and public improvements on the waterfront.Phase I, completed in 2018, consisted of the replacement of the existing bulkhead at Windmill Hill Park with a Living Shoreline and the installation of a low stone sill at the base of the shoreline, tidal and riparian plantings along the sloping bank, pedestrian paths, water access for dogs and kayaks, planted buffers, and restoration of the Gibbon Street stream outfall including the installation of a pedestrian bridge to provide a continuous waterfront walking trail as identified in the 2003 and 2015 City Council approved Windmill Hill Park Master Plan. As of June 27, 2022, this project is currently in the FY 2023-2032 CIP. Funding for this project is allotted in the city's capital improvement plan for construction FY 2023. A firm timeline has not been established; however, construction is scheduled for Fiscal Year 2023. *Project information has been obtained through a public capital improvement plan (CIP). A CIP is a financial schedule for short- and long-range projects which is updated regularly. Information listed in the CIP often evolves based on funding availability and the project details, including timeline and value, are subject to change. The content management team will continue to pursue additional details as they become available.


Park/Playground, Renovation.
Division 11 - Equipment, Play Field Equipment and Structures, Playground Equipment, Play Structures.
Division 31 - Earthwork, Selective Clearing, Grading, Erosion and Sedimentation Controls.
Division 32 - Exterior Improvements, Athletic and Recreational Surfacing, Site Improvements, Fences and Gates, Planting.
Division 33 - Utilities, Storm Drainage Utilities, Ponds and Reservoirs.
Division 35 - Waterway and Marine Construction, Shoreline Protection, Waterway Construction and Equipment.

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